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Common Questions About Roofing


As a homeowner, there are many things you will need to make investments into in order to keep your home in good condition for years to come. Caring for your roof is certainly one of the most important things on that list. You want it to stay in good working order so it will last a long time. Obviously, your roof provides shelter from the outside elements, but it also provides protection against water damage to your other belongings should a major storm pass through. Here are some of the more common questions we contractors get asked on a regular basis.


Should I Replace Or Repair?


Unless there’s an obvious leak or some other visible damage, most people don’t think about roof replacement. While there isn’t a formula on when a roof should be replaced, there are some things we can recommend that you look for to help you know when you should check into it. Things like shingles that are cracked, damaged, or peeling. Take a visual look at your roof and look for missing shingles, especially after storms of any kind. If you find any minor leaks, you may be able to do a simple repair, but we recommend always calling a roofing contractor in order to make sure the job, no matter how small, is done safely and correctly. If a repair cannot be done, you may need to consider replacing your roof.


What Should I Consider When Replacing My Roof?


First of all, choose the material for your roof. There are lots of different options today that can give you all kinds of design elements. They can be quite stylish and efficient at the same thing. There are also many options for going green if that is a concern for you. Also, your general contractor can help steer you in the right direction for the climate in your area, which can have a big impact on a roof.


How Long Does It Take For A Roof Replacement?


It generally doesn’t take more than 3 days to complete a roof replacement, depending on the materials used, as well as any damage to the structure of the roof. The roofing contractor can give you a time estimate before they begin work.


What Should I Do To Maintain My Roof Properly?


There are not a lot of things you need to do to care for a new roof, but you should make sure your gutters are clear of debris. Every six months or so, clean them out. You may want to do this more often if your yard has a lot of trees. Doing small things will ensure that you save money on costly repairs in the long run. It will also help your roof last for many years. For all your roofing needs, or for a free inspection, call us today at Restoration Roofing TX. We’ll get the job done right and safely!

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